Tuesday, March 18, 2008

song of the moment.

One of the most frequently used track for autumn/winter 2008-09 runway shows, like Chanel, Versace and some from London fashion week.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Trembled Blossoms

this dream sequence-like animation is a promotional short film for prada to complement their spring/summer 2008 collection. i got this bjork feel when i first heard the track, bjork, vespertine era. the illustration was kind of inspired by julie verhoeven.

and supported by the diffused version of the lord of darkness from the movie, "legend."

all in all, the video is cute.

Bravo Filipino - Fashion OST

photo by julles roberto

A slice from a series of cultural events to spotlight all Filipino talents from music, visual arts and fashion. Also to formally launch Greenbelt 5 wing. I was part of the prod. to do the music for the fashion segment.

I was also kind of responsible for the "kundiman-combo-rhumba-lumang-plaka-ish" mood music at the cocktail area, which i got from the vast collection of Don Jaime Zobel de Ayala's vinyl records back from the 1920s at the Himig Collection LIbrary.

Most of the tracks at the "living legends" segment are recommended by the designers themselves, so that g.l.a.m.o.r.o.u.s. part isn't mine. =P

"It's Sunday" track is used for the tribute to the late designers. The "Vanguard" and the "Finale" tracks are cuts from local:.//e! mix just for the Bravo Filipino event.

click here to experience


photo by jujiin samonte

hi, this is ivn.
and this is my attempt to blog... yet, in another web site.
i usually do fashion show around my living room or dyed my hair when i'm alone and bored.
but i felt different today, and signed up for this blog.
this isn't a chika nor a hate site.
music is my sport and most likely to post something related to that.