Saturday, August 9, 2008

meeting dita von teese

dita, mich and me... at the back!

acknowledging miss von teese's presence
me and mich

dita's imeldific hair

though i didn't got to see miss dita von teese's martini glass performance at the 18th birthday of belo medical group last night because, of course, i wasn't invited.

it's alright, thanks to friends, i had a wonderful opportunity to meet and shared a table with the burlesque superstar last thursday night at club mwah. it's a shame, that was also the first time i stepped in that las-vegas-showgirl-like club, only vekla performers.

we got there a little late na. dita and her crew were already there but luckily, the other invited guests were late as well, so i managed to sit almost in front of her. the performances were amazing, but my mind was utterly focused only on miss von teese's beautiful rose print red dress that matches her scarlet red lips, on how she fixed her neo-imeldific, jet black hair, on how she sipped her dom perignon, to how classy she scratched her right ear several times probably because of the clip-on earrings? para na akong stalker neto ah.

the international pin-up girl was totally busy watching the performances, that i sneaked stolen shots using my sucky phone cam. i introduced myself after show. she was super nice. she only got one bodyguard hired from here. she's pretty much down to earth, apart from what i thought na she was a diva. i only got one photo with her but sa cam ng isang friend, which i'll post... soon.